About Salma

Based in Arcadia

I’m based in Arcadia CA but covers various areas of Metro Los Angeles. I always use natural Henna paste which is made by 100% natural ingredients by me personally. It has the best possible combination to achieve a nice and perfect henna stain. I do not use PPD, chemical dyes or food coloring in my henna paste. I do not use BLACK HENNA. I can make any sort of intricate Henna designs and you’ll love the color when it will blossom on your skin.

Love is my key ingredient

Last but not least, I put all my attention and love when I am making my fresh batch of henna paste. I roll my Henna cones with love and also check for stain perfection. My dedication to this art which I create for each and every client of mine is greatly appreciated by my clients and also by the Henna Professional community which I cherish.

So it’s up to you amazing people for being a part of this amazing experience with me.

Tick tock!

Call me for an appointment @ (626)817-3472

Why you choose Henna by Salma

There are many other henna artists available around but why you should choose Salma as your henna artist?
The reason is simple because I always care for every little detail of my work. I never get frustrated when you ask for re-touching to fix your smudge even at my busiest moment. I love my work and I love applying it on you with my utmost care. It always looks awesome.

What is Henna Tattooing

Henna Designing or Tattooing is an art. It looks beautiful and different from permanent tattooing. Henna is made from plants so it’s completely safe and will fade away after 2-3 weeks.

The henna plant had been used since the beginning of mankind when humans started to explore and used henna as a traditional dye for skin, hair, nails leather and wool. The leaves are made into a paste with other additions (tea, oil, lemon, etc.) to heighten the color or make it longer lasting. Later, the art evolved into the people’s culture.

Henna designs are different from one culture to another and their significance and meanings are different as well. Countries that rank henna a special place in their culture include India, Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt Persia (Iran), and Malaysia.

I always make my original designs.

I’m all smiles while answering your questions and always patiently answer your concerns and questions. I just want to make your henna experience priceless.

I have bachelor’s degree in Botany, Zoology and Applied Psychology. Being a science student I’m familiar with different shapes and figures and I always like to draw since my childhood. All these factors help me in creating an original idea and use your hand as a canvas to display this beautiful thought.

Henna Heals Approved

Henna By Salma is approved and recognized by Toronto-based organization Henna Heals as an all natural Henna Paste producers for Henna Crowning. Please check Henna Heal listing.