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Henna is a valuable addition to your office party as a henna design is a perfect ice breaker for any social gathering.



  Henna Hands

Maybe an intricate flowering shrub on the back of your hands is all the bling you need for an office party.

Best for Office parties

  Feet & Legs

Get a flower or a shrub painted on your feet or leg in an office party and make this moment memorable.

With a touch of glitter

  Shoulder & Back

Your back and shoulders will give a very nice look once they are decorated with the beautiful art of henna tattooing. Salma is famous for Henna designs and can help you make a grand fashionable entrance to an office party.

Henna corporate peacock logo

Henna corporate peacock logo

  Perfect Stain

Our Henna paste which is made by 100% natural ingredients by me personally ensures a dark stain. It has the best possible combination to achieve a nice and perfect henna stain. I do not use PPD, chemical dyes or food coloring in my henna paste.

Our Henna ensures a perfect stain as a result of 100% natural ingredients by me personally.

Our Henna ensures a perfect stain as a result of 100% natural ingredients by me personally.


Salma was wonderful. We hired her for our Company Holiday party and she did an amazing job. We ended up about having 250 people attend and she was fast and did beautiful work…everyone left with exactly what they asked for. Thank you Salma for being a great addition to our party you made it that much better. If I could give 10 stars I would for reliability, professionalism, great work, pricing and overall a great experience.
Michelle BYelp Reviewer
Here’s my long overdue review! But I got these on the last week of January! Salma did a great job on the flame hennas she did for me. She’s very fast and extremely welcoming and kind. The Jagua turned out decent, but much preferred the Henna These lasted me 3 weeks for both before they completely started coming off. Just gotta protect them with applying natural oils or shea butter lotion so they don’t come off during the shower, and don’t scrub too hard on them either! The Jagua turned a lot darker than the photo, and the Henna darkened to a dark orangey brown. Thanks again Salma! Looking to do more with you.
GigiYelp reviewer - Stockton
My boyfriend had been talking about how much he’d like me and my bridesmaids to have a henna party when we got married. Not being engaged, it was funny taking so many steps toward planning a wedding. but I found Salma on one of my day’s off and on a whim had a consultation with her. in which she made a beautiful design on my left hand. That night. my boyfriend proposed. and was shocked to see the henna on my hand. He thought that maybe I knew that he was planning to propose. And ifs made the event so much more special for both of us. He is constantly admiring the ring, and the designs that surround it on my hand. I can’t wait for Salma to do my wedding henna! We took a photo in the woods today that rm uploading shortly.
Jenni TJenni's fairy tale
Beautiful & proper work by the sweetest, Salma. I always wanted a part of the Indian culture ever since I was a little girl & I thank her for sharing that w/ me through the art of Henna! Looking at my hands brings me instant memories of my childhood in Singapore, which I hold deep in my heart! She also makes you feel super comfortable throughout the whole process and makes you feel like a valued client, with her prompt communication and demeanor, which I appreciate! Her prices for the quality ingredients she uses also don’t compare with others (I did my research)! She’s wonderful and for that I’ve recommended her to strangers and friends alike. 🙂 Sweet Salma applying henna on me at her home.
MarianBeverly Hills Yelp Reviewer
Salma was very professional and personable. She had all of the henna prepared before I came and was very proficient. She was clear about the all-natural ingredients and post instructions for taking care of the tattoo. It was worth the cost and lasted a good two and a half weeks. I was very satisfied.
SachiAltadena Yelp Reviewer


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Hennaed Hands & Legs

So is a henna tattoo in a corporate event worth it? Yes, if you prefer custom tattoos that fade away after a few days and make you look great on any occasion.

Best for Office parties

Party with your friends

Get a lotus flower painted on your palms or have the henna artist come over to your home and celebrate the next baby shower with a henna party for your gal pals

A Party design – Lotus flower


I hope this image will be helpful if you are still wandering.Maybe an intricate flowering shrub on the back of your hand is all the what you need for an office party.

A Henna Hand

A Henna Hand


Yes, if you prefer custom tattoos that fade away after a few days and make you look great on any occasion. I spent years perfecting this art so the fact that each design comes out perfectly doesn’t come as a surprise.

A Corporate Henna Hand Design with glitter.

A Corporate Henna Hand Design with glitter.

People are diggin’ what we are doin’


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