What is Henna Tattooing

Henna Designing or Tattooing is an art. It looks beautiful and different from permanent tattooing. Henna is made from plants so it’s completely safe and will fade away after 2-3 weeks.

The henna plant had been used since the beginning of mankind when humans started to explore and used henna as a traditional dye for skin, hair, nails leather and wool. The leaves are made into a paste with other additions (tea, oil, lemon, etc.) to heighten the color or make it longer lasting. Later, the art evolved into the people’s culture.

Henna designs are different from one culture to another and their significance and meanings are different as well. Countries that rank henna a special place in their culture include India, Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt Persia (Iran), and Malaysia.

Some common questions

How long does it last?

The design will look good for 1 to 2 weeks, fading gradually within that time.
Factors determining this are:

  • Depth of the stain
  • Part of the body it is applied to
  • Exposure to water, chemicals and rubbing


What is the color of the henna stain?

After the paste comes off, the stain color ranges from orange to a dark reddish brown.
The darkness depends on the following:

  • Part of the body it is applied to (the hands and feet stain the darkest)
  • Quality of the henna powder
  • Quality of the application
  • Amount of time the paste is left on (best to leave it on for at least 4 hours)

How much time is needed to get a henna tattoo?

The length of sitting time ranges from 5 to 10 minutes for a simple design up to several hours for a large body area painted with an intricate deign. Although the painting itself may take only a few minutes, the paste needs to be preserved with a lemon-sugar solution which the artist applies after the paste becomes firm on the skin about 15 minutes later.

Some More

How does it feel to have it done?

Unlike tattoos, henna does not hurt because there are no needles used and the skin is not broken. Henna is applied to the top of the skin with an applicator (the traditional cone or plastic bag or with a bottle with a fine silver nozzle tip). Many people enjoy the coolness of the paste as it is painted on along with the further cooling of the lemon-sugar solution. The henna paste is an all natural soothing, aromatic mixture that conditions the skin.

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Some Interesting Facts

Please check some of the interesting facts about Henna:-

Henna is used by ancient women for beauty purposes and also to smell good.
It depends on skin and blood type, that how dark will be the stain of henna and how long it will last.
Henna can be used as hair dye too.
Henna is also used for medical purposes such as soothe headaches and fevers.