Is it for me and my Baby?

It wouldn’t be called henna “blessing” if it wasn’t. Remember, henna tattoos aren’t the invasive type. In other words, the whole process doesn’t involve anyone taking a sinister looking needle to your skin, and in this case, your very pregnant belly.


Unless you are allergic to henna, it is comparatively better than using any ink based option of course if that Henna is made by using only organic and natural ingredients.

It is always recommended to use natural and USDA approved certified Henna that is made from organic henna ingredients such as crushed leaves and twigs of the henna plant.

However, before you make an appointment with the henna artist its best that you consult with your midwife or OBGYN especially if you happen to have G6PD deficiency. Unfortunately, prenatal henna is not an option for expecting mothers or unborn babies who are extremely anemic or if the growing child also suffers from G6PD deficiency.

What you can do?

Remember, henna is sticky and can smear easily. It takes only 30 mins for henna to dry. That’s ok. Your belly isn’t going anywhere, which will give the intricate design plenty of time to dry and leave the dye on your skin. The stains or designs are their darkest during 7 to 10 days after they are first applied.

In addition, henna artists also accommodate special requests from their clients. You can have your unborn child’s name, little baby feet or any other designs that the artist specializes in “hennad” on your belly.

A perfect opportunity to plan a belly blessing baby shower don’t you say? Baby showers combined with henna parties aren’t unheard of. After all, such soirees are a staple part of celebrating a woman’s advent into motherhood. Add a henna artist into the mix, and you have that special something to brighten the expectant mother’s day

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