As everyone knows that Coachella is one of the biggest, most celebrated, and most beneficial and the most awesome music celebrations in the United States and everywhere throughout the world

But what not everybody knows that you can transform yourself into an icon if you participate with my natural and totally cool looking Henna tattoos.

Coachella Henna Design

Coachella Henna Design


“Even before we looked at Empire Polo Club, it hit us. We wanted it to be far. So you surrender. So you can’t leave your house and see a couple bands and be back home that night. We want you to go out there, get tired, and curse the show by Sunday afternoon. That sunset, and that whole feeling of Coachella hits you.”

—Coachella co-founder Paul Tollett (credits Wikipedia)

So are you prepared to make your Coachella encounter this year? You need to know that what you are missing before you hit the desert for Coachella 2017. You have your passes, you have your tickets and everything else but you need to look different while enjoying the fun, the music and dancing in the valley.

I can help you with a natural look that every one will adore. I can make natural Henna and Jagua tattoos on your body, arms, legs, back and shoulder that will drop the jaws of everyone who will look at you. Some examples are below for you imagination.


Henna coachella collage by Salma – Arcadia CA

Come on over and visit Henna By Salma in Arcadia or set up an appointment for an event. You know the drill. @ 626-817-3472

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Valentine Shoulder Henna












With a touch of glitter