It is third Monday of February also known as Presidents’ Day!

POTUS  who were born in February:

  • George Washington          (Feb 22,1732)

    President’s day in eyes of 2nd grader.

  • William Henry Harrison     (Feb 09,1773)
  • Abraham Lincoln               (Feb 12,1809)
  • Ronald Reagan                 (Feb 06,1911)

Let’s learn about this holiday. Why and when it is celebrated?

Every third Monday of February nation celebrate a holiday in honor of George Washington whose actual birthday was on February 22,1732. In beginning it was called Washington’s birthday but later on it includes three other presidents and named as president’s day.


In 1968, Congress passed a law that  the celebration of several federal holidays should be on specific dates to predetermined Mondays in order to have  three consecutive days off. Federal employees, workers and schools started getting Monday off and that’s how the  idea of three day weekend becomes real.

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Girls having henna party.

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To my readers stay blessed and have a great  President’s day !