Show off some Bling Henna Style!

It’s that time again. Prom season is in full swing and teens everywhere want to look red-carpet ready for the big day. If your princess wants a bit of pizzazz to go with her formal wear, get her a henna tattoo. 

HennaBySalma Prom Design Classic

A classic and elegant Prom Henna Design

HennaBySalma Prom Design

Simple & Beautiful Henna Work

HennaBySalma_Prom Design with glitter

HennaBySalma_Prom Design with glitter


Why go for Henna for the Prom?

According to California law, it is unlawful to tattoo anyone who is under 18 years of age. Parents would like to make their kids stay away from traditional tattoos if they can help it even after that age. 

This is where the sheer genius of henna tattoos shines the most. Unlike traditional tattoos, henna tattoos are temporary which means that they wear off one their own after a few days.

HennaBySalma Elegant floral wine Prom Design

A floral wine

HennaBySalma-A butterfly on hand

A butterfly on hand

Henna tattoos look great in formal settings and are a great way for your daughter to make a statement as soon as she steps out of her limo with her date. The best part is that a prom henna design doesn’t only have to be limited to the hands. 


It will definitely blossom on the shoulder


Your daughter can ask the henna artist to craft one of many available designs on her back if she plans on wowing the crowd in a spaghetti strap evening dress. A floral tattoo on the back would look great with an off-shoulder or strapless ensemble. 


Wear it like Jewellery


A glittery Touch of Henna

Beware of Black Henna

Black henna may be able to emulate the look of a traditional tattoo better but it also comes with the same slew of dangers. First of all, there is no such thing as the stuff. Most of what you see of black henna is actually a chemical that is used in hair dye; PPD. 

Do your daughter a favor and stick to henna artists who use purely organic ingredients to make their own concoctions of henna paste. Make her stay away from the pre-made variety even if her gal pals are raving about it in school.

Some Tips


Make sure that your daughter gets her prom henna tattoo 2 to 3 days before her prom for the best results. In addition, tell her to –

  • Keep the area moisturized before the application for the best effect
  • Apply some natural oil or butter to the henna design after the dried paste is removed



Floral Prom Design by Salma


Artistic Approach to a Prom Design

Proms herald amazing photographs and even more amazing memories. A henna tattoo might be temporary but the memories it leaves in its wake last forever. 

Henna for you & for your Date


Henna Prom Design for Her


Henna Prom Design For Him

Wouldn’t you like your daughter or son to flip through their yearbooks years after and say, “I’m glad I listened to Mom” after they see how fabulous their henna tattoos look on them in their prom photos?