Deck the Bride with Boughs of Henna Designs

Since getting a “Just Married” tattoo on your forearm will look weird once you are in the twentieth year of your Happily Ever After, how about getting henna tattoo in Pasadena and celebrate your big day with a bit of oomph.


A wedding preparation with Henna


There is more to Henna than just Paste


Henna paste may look like a regular brown dollop of henna powder and water but it is anything but. The paste is a complex mixture of henna paste and natural ingredients like lemon or olive oil.

These ingredients have a dual purpose. For one, they bring out the medicinal quality of the paste. Secondly, they enhance the color of the mehndi (henna).



You need skin bling that has a bit of pizzazz, will last throughout the soiree AND really make your freshly manicured hands look good in wedding photos.
In fact, this is exactly why an Eastern bride’s hands enjoy a place of honor in her wedding album.

Henna tattoos look more beautiful and elegant than permanent tattoos. The designs are also best left to the henna artist’s discretion. Of course, each artist also keeps her own portfolio of custom designs with her. It’s best that you stick to the designs on offer then try to be adventurous.





Like tattoo artists, the skills of a henna artist really shine through designs that she is used to applying.




Much as you would like her to depict your palms as a dove in flight, its best that you choose what is offered.

And besides, when the artist is through applying her design, the result will be well worth it.


Why do weddings and henna go so well together? If you have ever attended an Indian wedding you might know that the event is hardly a one day affair.

HennaBySalma_Wedding_Flowers                           HennaBySalma-Weddingdesign

 Henna tattoos last for Longer than you think

Hire a henna artist in your pre-wedding party for your guests. Henna tattoos dry off quickly. However, it’s best that you wash the paste off the next day.

The longer the paste remains on your hands or any other part of your body, the longer the design will last.

For a really great effect wash the paste off two days before the wedding. Henna tattoos take 1 to 2 days to really peak in color before they start to fade.

Depending on the quality of henna paste, a professionally applied henna tattoo will last you a few weeks.

Say NO to Black Henna

This article does NOT endorse black henna in any way. The same goes for red henna or henna that is made from anything other than natural ingredients. If you plan on using black henna , shame on you. However, if you are like the hundreds of growing henna fans who realize how dangerous the concoction can be and are ready to try some real henna, read on.

Don’t even think about forgetting the Bridesmaids

A wedding is almost impossible without bridesmaids so why leaving them behind in dressing up their hands and feet with unique art of henna.



Its always a unique idea to give the bride a surprise bridal shower, the custom that started in the 1890s. A touch of henna will add glitter to this shower.

A bridesmaid’s designs needs to be relatively simpler but elegant. After all it’s all about the bride’s big day!


Your Something Old and Something New

And you know where you were then.

Henna tattoos have been a part of Eastern ceremonies for centuries. Their timelessness brings a touch of exoticism to any event.

Your big day will hardly last as long as a traditional Eastern wedding. Wouldn’t your day in the limelight be more special as you walk down the aisle with a bouquet of daisies in your hennaed hands?
Make the moment last by getting a henna tattoo with Henna By Salma