“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.”~ Bil Keane    

 I say hugs and henna go together as Valentine’s day is just few hours away. Each one of you wants to do something amazing and classy for their loved ones, Right?  You are in luck as you can get your henna done by me.

If you want to add some spice or fun into your valentine’s day – Henna and Jagua is your deal of the day. It is astounding when you see how an artist draw different shapes, leaves, vines, flowers or designs right in front of you – seriously totally free hand. Give yourself a chance to be amazed by this alluring art. By the way you can also buy gift cards for your someone special. 

There are many unique ideas of henna for your valentine’s party while having fun with your friends and loved ones. You can always tattoo names of your special ones on this awesome occasion and since the stain lasts for only 10-12 days you don’t have to worry about its going permanent. It is perfectly safe to use Natural Henna as it does not contain any chemicals.

Henna Back Strip

You can have a Jagua design on your sexy back with a beautiful vine down your spine or a whale in an ocean swimming across your back. I can also draw free hand designs inspired by your romantic love stories – for instance the sweet story when you met your loved one the very first time. I can draw your likes and dislikes – a quick playful tease for your loved one. So hurry and plan to visit me and I will not disappoint you with my Henna & Jagua tattoos. 

Remember if you have a date on valentine’s day then henna or jagua will add more fun to your relationship. A hennaed hand or Jagua tattoo will work like charm for a conversation starter and who knows you will find your one & only. Trust me all you need is Henna & Jagua on this Valentine’s day